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Undertook a 5 week trip in China in 1996. The journey through China started out in Xi’an and ended 4000km later in Yunnan Province in the mountains of South West China. The aim of the journey was to avoid the tourists and tourist routes, get away from it all to the places that are normally beyond reach.

Yunnan Province: At a waterfall in the mountains close to Dali, a small chinese village close to the Thai / Burmese border..

Yunnan Provence: Market Day at a town on Lake Erhai - across the lake from Dali. You can buy your fresh hen, pig or rabbit here for the Sunday dinner!

Sichuan Provence: I’m not normally a tea drinker, but in China the Chinese spend their Sundays at the local Tea-Garden drinking tea and playing board games (see table behind me).

Sichuan Provence: Chengu the capital of Sichuan Provence with 3 Million inhabitants - a village by Chinese standards - but a well organised city even by world standards. Mao ist present here in full force.

Sichuan Provence is famous for its cuisine - with some of the spiciest dishes originating there.

More photos and reports on China to come...

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